We propose reliable and well known Italian producers with long standing reputation for quality and overdelivering at every price point. As a consequence we are able to offer to our clients and to consumers THE BEST QUALITY / PRICE RATIO in Poland for Italian Wines

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    Distilleria Bottega has a three-generation history of people dealing with wine and grappa behind itself. In the 1920s, Domenico Bottega was a wine trader. He was a passionate oenologist and was able to recognise the best grapes when still on the vine.

    1983 – Bottega Brothers. After the founder's death, his son Sandro helped by his sister Barbara and his brother Stefano became the company's president. A few years later Distilleria Bottega became well known thanks to an innovative distillation system and to the reduction of the alcohol content that makes grappa milder and finer...

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    Cantine due Palme

    Cantine Due Palme is a large cooperative cellar based in Cellino San Marco / Salento, deep in the heart of Apulia, the southerly heel of the Italian peninsula.

    Founded in 1989 from an idea of its President Mr. Angelo Maci, Cantine Due Palme has grown over the years up to 400 growers – carefully selected on the grounds of their owning old vines situated in premium sites – and it is recognized today as one of the finest large-scaled cellars operating in the region...

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    Fattoria Di Grignano

    Pierwsze wzmianki historyczne dotyczące Grignano sięgają epoki brązu. Współczesne wykopaliska archeologiczne wydobyły na światło dzienne pozostałości osady zajmowanej przez rodzinę pasterską, która cieszyła się wysoką pozycją społeczną, o czym świadczą resztki odkrytych zdobionych naczyń.  

    Przez wieki teren ten nabrał cech fortyfikacji etruskiej, a następnie romańskiej...

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    A history that goes back fifty years which has lead its protagonist on a life-long rewarding journey: Dorino Livon, has indeed become one of the most successful and well recognised Friulan winemakers. A life-long story that has its roots in the family's passion and traditions: a true love for the homeland, Friuli or better the Collio and the Colli Orientali del Friuli, the far north-eastern corner of Italy and gateway to Eastern Europe. Dorino Livon acquired his first vineyards on the Collio hills in 1964, and slowly, plot by plot he expands his property establishing the Azienda Agricola Livon estate.

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    Terre Da Vino

    Terre da Vino is a top Italian winery. Located in Barolo, in the heart of the Langhe territory, with a unique phylosophy: only wine from Piedmont, only DOC and DOCG wines.

    We are a winery surrounded by the picturesque vineyards of the Langhe district, one of the most renowned vine growing areas of the world. However, we are more than just that, we are an agricultural firm without peer in our region. We encompass over 5,000 hectares of vineyards cultivated by over 2,500 growers.

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    Terre Forti

    TERRE FORTI is one of the brands of CAVIRO.

    CAVIRO is an agricultural cooperative whose mission is to promote the grapes of its members. The company provides an outlet for each Italian region's grape varieties, introducing them into the world markets in every consumer category. The only way to compete on the world stage is with outstanding quality; this is achieved through the careful selection of their members and with rigorous supply and production specifications.

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    Venica & Venica

    Venica & Venica was founded in 1898 and since that time, it belongs to Venica family. The winery is located in Collio and has international reputation for top quality wines.

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